Mission & Vision

To safely and profitably serve our client's needs while maintaining a reputation for quality , integrity and employee satisfaction. We will endeavor for lucrative growth, operational excellence , customer satisfaction and strong brand positioning.

Key to Success

Innovative thinking , in-depth conceptualization , re- engineering and well experienced team members are the pillars of our success.
One of our company's strongest personality trait is commitment. We are committed to our clients , our team members , our industry and to each other. Quivers group is committed to being a firm that is known externally for quality , integrity and resourcefulness and internally for profitability and employee satisfaction. Our division are miscellaneous, covering a wide range of activities .Nevertheless all the divisions are managed under one team to accomplish the goal of serving our clients and to be a great part of business activities in the middle east region.

MD's Message

Quivers is one of the fastest growing companies in Qatar, under the wise leadership of Khalid Mohammed GH M Al-Kubaisi a great name in the industrial and business scenario of the the State of Qatar.

Today Quivers has come a long way since its birth, achieving gradual growth and success along the way. As Managing Director I'm focused on continuing the legacy and to build on our heritage with the underlying ethos of Commitment, Care and Vision.

We have a very competent, experienced managerial and engineering staff in addition to work force of highly skilled technician and artisan. The Commitment of our partners who continue to believe in and support us in our long and adventurous journey towards achieving success and excellence. The Care towards the pillars of our organization, the 100 plus diligent colleagues who carry out their responsibilities with utmost pride and dedication.

Finally the vision in adopting long-term corporate goals in the desire to achieve sustainable exponential and dynamic growth for the entire group.